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Anyway, this is Margaux.

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She pulls of the Kim look beautifully! I was happy to have such a lovely client to work with!


Kim's signature look consists of a few main focus features: Smokey eye with lots of lashes- of course Heavy contouring and highlighting Nude lip Flawless skin There is an insane amount of detail that goes into creating this look, I think I will do a series of detailed posts regarding Kim Kardashian's makeup. In the mean time here is a brief overview..

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If you take good care of your skin your makeup with look better and wear better throughout the day! Kim's skin is always clear; even when she is photographed without makeup on, there is not a pore or blemish in sight. Whether it's a sheer coverage or full coverage is up to you.


Everyone needs something different. Kim wears a very full coverage, but she is also in front of cameras constantly, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for a foundation.

Kylie in 2009

I like to apply the foundation first, then apply the concealer to all the high planes of the face. This will be your "highlight.

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One for the highlighted areas and one for the rest of the face. Blunt blush is a good choice for medium to deep skin tones, but make sure you start with very little and gradually build it up! The contour cremes from MAC are great if you have a little more time on your hands. I prefer Cream Colour Base because it adds a luminous look without being glittery.

It mimics the texture of dewy skin, which looks more natural but is still noticeable.

It also tends to photograph better than powder highlighters. If you already have a full brow just fill in the sparse areas with a little bit of shadow and you're good to go. Margaux is blessed with perfect brows, so I had to do very little work in that area. If your brows are thin and sparse, like my own, try using a pencil to thicken them up a bit. Be sure to use light pressure to avoid having a heavy drawn on look. Under her brow I applied Brule as a highlight.

We added a clean winged out liner using blacktrack and smudged Smolder Eye Kohl into her lower lash line. Margaux went for a more natural approach and we just loaded up on Extreme Dimension Mascara. Kim wears creamy shades with high gloss to show off her full lips! Keep practicing and you'll have the Kim K. We all get in makeup ruts. I constantly find myself grabbing for my "neutrals" palette when I'm in a rush for work and then throughout the day I'm saying "I need to wear more color.

They are super bright and glittery, and what girl or queen doesn't like glitter? You can wear them as an eyeliner, or in my case they make a great base color. Next, I loaded up a brush with Young Punk mineralize eyeshadow and pressed it into the liner. This shade is equally glittery! The photo just doesn't do it justice!

Doing that blended out the purple so you couldn't see any harsh lines. My highlight, as always, was Gesso under the brow. And on the inner corners I used Vanilla Pigment. After that I took Spruce, a crushed metal from our Guilty Passions: Brilliantly Cool holiday kit, and applied it on the inner and outer corners of my eye with a brush. Using a brush I pressed Old Gold pigment onto the Pearlglide liner on the center of my lid. To blend out all of the edges I used a brush and applied Kid to the crease.

My brow highlight was Vanilla, and I finished it off with Blacktrack Fluidline and my usual 3 lashes. Don't be afraid to try new things! Breaking makeup habits and forcing yourself to try new products is the first step towards becoming a successful artist! If your goal is to enhance the color of your eyes then there are plenty of tips and tricks to make that happen!

Color choice is the best way to bring out your eye color. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse, but I've gotta bring it up Dun dun dun Color theory is really very simple! If you want to make one color stand out pair it with it's opposite, or it's complementary color. For example, the opposite of blue is orange-- so copper, gold, peach, and reddish brown tones will compliment blue eyes the best. Side note: grey and black looks great on blue eyes too! If you have green or hazel eyes clearly you don't want to wear red eyeshadow, at least I hope not!

The next best shade would be purple, and any variation of it. I prefer purples with a lot of grey in them for every day use, since purple can be a bit bright for the office and what not. Try taupes, muted purples, and eggplant colors!

Kim Kardashian Makeup Routine Review

Brown and hazel eyed girls always look great in blues! Blue is a hard shade to wear without looking like Mimi from Drew Carey, so look for navy tones to start off and then venture into brighter shades. Instead of a black smokey eye try using an off black with a hint of blue! Earth tones and neutrals look great on everyone, so don't forget about those "boring" browns and creams when you're picking out your new colors! Also, don't limit your options to these rules! This is just a loose guideline to help you pick colors that will compliment your eyes.

There's no reason someone with green eyes cant wear green eyeshadow and so on.. I like to use golds, bronze, and warm browns to bring out blue eyes. Glad I could help this lovely lady cover that shiner Someone had a little too much fun on their birthday! When covering a bruise it is important to remember to color correct. Remember our handy color wheel?

My client's bruise was mostly a dark blue shade, in person at least. If you look at the color wheel the opposite of blue is orange. Therefore, in order to cancel out the blue we would have to apply an orange product onto the bruise then follow with concealer. I applied a sheer layer of Chilli Lipstick to counteract the blue. When I grabbed the bright burnt orange lipstick my client looked at my like I had 2 heads! I assured her that this was a KEY step in order to conceal her bruise. If you apply concealer on top of a bruise or tattoo without doing any sort of color correcting the end result will look grey and muddled.

After lightly applying the Chilli Lipstick all over her eye area I dusted on a small amount of powder. Lightly powdering after each step helps build layers without the product caking. On top of the powder I used a sponge to apply Studio Finish Concealer. The sponge allowed me to apply a heavier layer of concealer. Again, I set this step with powder. Luckily that was all we had to do. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the concealer and powder a few more times. This technique can also be used to conceal birthmarks, tattoos, and scars..

I finally forced myself to wear some color! I used several shades, which I am not used to doing.