Comment installer mac os x lion sur un disque vierge

Bonne nuit. Bonjour tout le monde, merci pour tout vos messages et le tuto!! Merci encore pour votre aide. Dans quels cas votre ordinateur se bloque? Je peut pas stoxker mes fixhiers sur un dd externe, formater mon D en mac os etdbdu puis le partitionner pour avoir mes fixhiers sur ube seule partigion et mac os sur lnautre?

Super tuto! Bonjour, vous installez sur quoi? Quelle est la config de votre PC au boulot? Une Asus? Ca peut se faire je pense sous High Sierra probablement. Bonjour Je viens de faire monter mon 1er hackintosh. My hard drive is messed up so I cant erase the hard drive as the erase button is greyed out. So I am trying to format everything in my macbook and reinstall osx. But I got Please advise how to erase everything on hard disk and installing clean osx on macbook?

Is anything I should know? You will need to boot up from that disk prior to doing the erase of the hard drive as well. Is it possible to get to formatting utility from this point?

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I tried a command R no luck. I think what's Happening Here is a lot of people aren't formatting drive before hand. Old drive dies new one pop in and your good. This is not the case Mac, Kaspersky uses a tool to allow you to make a bootable disk from your usb for your Mac or your PC.

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Use the tool that used because there are a lot of viruses out there. Sorry forgot to stop you need to get rid of your vram clear option RVP or something.

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Next is booted off the USB having its command option r. Now you want to format Drive using Ubuntu. Now you have to remember using a Mac which is a Linux machine and it's grub so the file extension is htls. Grub you do not format NTFS…. Once you've done that you need to os. Therefore you need to open your router settings if you have an old router that would be best. And then you have to hold command-r and it now will allow you to connect to get the file.

Once that gets the file it'll start the installation process your screen will turn white let it turn white holdzkom and wipe out the vram again reboot redo it and your set. And now if you're still having problems do a hardware check I think that's holding the just hold D at start up. Keep hope alive. Unless I die like Steve Jobs did cuz karma's a bch.

Just ordered a SSD from Amazon, and have all of my stuff backed up on the external hard drive I use for backing up. I still have all of my installation CDs, but want to make sure of the tools I need for this. I know I take the battery out, and that metal cover in that area, but for my Mac I'm not sure if it would be the same tools since it is older than what you guys have. Also, one quick question, can I change the processor in this? I will be switching out the ram soon, likely after tax season, but I want to get a faster processor if possible. Fortunately it looks like we did everything right.

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Thought that I would add this comment in case someone has similar situation. The clean Yosemite install setup the Recover Partition on new drive and the files copied from Time Machine restored system to original state without messing with newly created Recovery partition. Then encrypt new drive and you are done. Hi,I am getting ready to replace the drive in my early 20" iMac.

I have a Time Machine backup but do not have the OS installation disks. How can I get replicate my current drive contents to the new disk? How do you install I don't have a Snow Leopard disc. I downloaded Snow Leopard to an external hard drive, and connected it to the mac before starting up and pressing the Option Key. All I get is a grey screen and a cursor.

Is there a way to format my new 1TB hard drive using software loaded onto an external drive? I started it up, pressing the option key down, and all I get is a grey screen and a cursor.

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Is there a way to format my new 1TB internal hard drive using the software loaded onto an external drive? Also, be patient as the first time it boots, it stays on the Apple logo for a few minutes.

There is an option in Multibeast for this, but you have to get there first. You type it before hitting enter at the Chimera bootloader screen. Try booting by using -x if the first one didn't work.

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Minivac Version 1. Internet of Things Class. TheMacKindaOfGuy 2 years ago. Reply Upvote. TomekJ1 3 years ago. Ben15Lee14 virachoca Reply 4 years ago on Step 6. Omar Amir virachoca Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. Hughesauston 4 years ago. Omar Amir Hughesauston Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. Are you using a PC or a laptop?

Try using another mouse or keyboard through USB. ArivazhaganP 4 years ago on Introduction. Si vous installez Leopard Mac Os X sur un disque vierge, cliquez sur votre disque dans la liste de gauche, puis Erase.