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I have done a clean install of the system plus your tip, but no good. Please, keep in mind the possibility that another app is crashing, too.

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Meaning that this second app is the orogin of the problem. I got this with dropbox. Close all apps ru nning in the background and check if your crashing still occurs. Then activate one by one for identifying the second crashing app. Thanks to your help I revived Mail but now it works but I have lost all my emails, rules, mailboxes etc. Any ideas what I can do to recover them?

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Check your email in your web email client. Are they still there? They should be if you have used IMAP. Most curious. I also tried what you suggest on that linked page, but no dice. Wow thanks for the fix! I thought gmail was the issue.. Have you posted on apple forum or support? In regard to your suggestion to post this in the Apple forum: However, if somebody else will do this, he could do it. Thank you for this fix.

I have tried lots of various fixes and this one finally worked. You have saved me numerous hours of reinstalling and fixes.

Thanks again! Hi there, unfortunately this has not worked for me.

Resolving Mail Problems After OS X 10.10.4 Update

Do you have any further suggestions please? Yosemite It shall fix some email issue. Update and let us know if your issue is solved. I even upgraded to El Capitan hoping that it will solve this issue. I went up to Public Beta 4 in El Capitan and then in the latest update the whole system crashed in a start up and I was only able to use it in Safe Mode!

Then I downgraded back to OS Yosemite and after seeing again this problem. This is a good solution. If you have any open email windows, they will be closed upon next startup of Mail. This is because the savedState folder contains information about naturally the last saved state of the app, which includes what windows were open, what position on the screen they were, their order, etc.

All superficial UI stuff, but could be important if you, like me, keep individual email windows open as a reminder to reply to them. There is for example this thread: But in this case it freezes because something about dealing with multiple folders on the exchange server is too much for Mail. By reducing the number of folders on the Exchange server, you stop Mail from frequently hanging.

Unfortunately, this has not fixed unresponsive Apple mail in By resetting PRAM and restarting multiple times, I sometimes can manage to get it working but still no clear process for a permanent fix. Hope to see this resolved. Thanks for the great blog. This has not worked for me. Simple fix and it worked on OS X Yosemite vers. Much obliged for the assistance. Many thanks. Worked first try! Thanks for the hint. Back to work now, smiling. Keep up the good work! Thanks again, Jochen. The only think is that I had to shut down then only restart instead.

Thanks for your reply, bookmarking and sharing miapple. BTW, if you got some problems to solve, just contact me! I bookmarked this page just to come back and say this worked for me. It worked the first time, but problem came back. Thankfully I can just re-delete. Did the problem come back for you? Have you already check the other tweaks mentioned in the linked posts?

How might we stop the creation of the file? I have figured out that I can launch by holding down the shift key and double clicking my Mail launch icon, and this seems to bypass previous preferences I am assuming and launches fine. Perhaps one of you fine smart folks might know a way to make that permanent and eliminate my workaround? First, let me thank all of you for great work and input. Secondly, I can say that I have had more trouble and experience than anyone here.

I have over 60 e-mail accounts running in Mac Mail — and yes — one could argue that this is my biggest problem, but alas — not the case: After experiencing every possible issue too long a list to report incl. Hope this helps…. Check this tweak: Thank you for your contribution! I have been fighting for several hourd to get rid of this problem, until I was lucky to find your solution. The fix was quick and easy, thank you! I have performed this task exactly as directed and while it solved the problem for a small time it did come back.

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I have been through the post several times to see what else I can implement and still have the same issue reoccurring after a few days. Have you already tried one of the three other options mentioned in this post see the links in the post. It works but once I shut the computer down at the end of the day the problem arises again at the next start up. Is there a permanent solution to this issue. I updated the post with an additional fix: Hope that helps.

I was so nervous to follow your directions, but it worked! Thanks so much. Thank you so much. I was pulling my hair out. You should have Apple post this quick and easy fix on their site! That worked for me with my MacBookPro in My Mail. I tried your mail state deletion fix to no avail.

Believe it or not, what finally worked was:.

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From that point on, Mail. I think the issue was actually that it was trying to check or sync mail in one of my accounts and getting stuck. The key step was probably 4, because if Mail.

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  5. As it turns out, turning on debugging and watching the IMAP streams revealed something very interesting. Once I started tracing the outbound connections, I found something interesting. Well, actually it did come back in some cases, but some domains that were in my e-mails had since been purchased by domain brokers. Un-check the box at: Cross posted to Apple Forums in the hopes that no one else suffers from blackhole-ing domain parking parasites.

    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Back us with money using Gee Are's PayPal. Me link. Blog - Latest News You are here: Mac OS X Find more about me. Thanks Gee! It worked for me after many frustrating restarts in Yosemite in my new MacBook.

    Common issues with Apple Mail - Media Temple

    Cheers, Gee Are Reply. Thank you very much for your help.

    Hi Sue thanks for your feedback. Thanks a lot!! Thank you! That was an easy fix that I never would have found myself. Thanks for your feedback!