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If you experience any issues after upgrading your macOS to version That is, the current release of macOS and the previous two releases. As new major versions of macOS are made generally available, Docker will stop supporting the oldest version and support the newest version of macOS in addition to the previous two releases.

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VirtualBox prior to version 4. Double-click Docker. You are prompted to authorize Docker. Privileged access is needed to install networking components and links to the Docker apps. The Docker menu in the top status bar indicates that Docker Desktop is running, and accessible from a terminal.

If you just installed the app, you also get a message with suggested next steps and a link to the documentation. Click the Docker menu in the status bar to dismiss this pop-up notification.

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Click the Docker menu to see Preferences and other options. Docker Desktop allows you to switch between Stable and Edge releases. However, you can only have one version of Docker Desktop installed at a time. Switching between Stable and Edge versions can destabilize your development environment, particularly in cases where you switch from a newer Edge channel to an older Stable channel.

Keep this in mind as you create and work with Edge containers, perhaps in the spirit of a playground space where you are prepared to troubleshoot or start over. To safely switch between Edge and Stable versions, ensure you save images and export the containers you need, then uninstall the current version before installing another. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

I first tried installing VirtualBox by downloading "VirtualBox 5. Launching the VirtualBox manager application I can see the boot2docker-vm machine "Running", but looking at the log I see something like this which appears to indicate that the boot2docker-vm "machine" failed to boot:. I uninstalled everything and then tried downloading and installing from boot2docker download page , which installs VirtualBox, boot2docker, and docker all in one go.

But I still see the same problem indicated above the boot2docker-vm machine fails to boot. I'm reluctant to make big changes to the OS X version on my laptop, since my hardware is old. But I'll try the installation sequence on a more modern machine and see if it works there.

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This issue on github might be of help Latest version of virtual box 4. Though I would suggest to use docker-machine.

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  8. Below are the steps Installation :. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat.

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    Learn more. Cannot install docker on OS X Version Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. From the VM terminal or, more comfortably, the ssh terminal , mount the CD drive and run the installation script. In the VM :. Finally, add your user to the vboxsf group so you can access shared folders in the VM.


    For the GuestAdditions installation to take effect, you need to reboot the VM. Now that ssh has been installed and configured, you can run the VM in the background without a GUI window. The VM will be running in the background. Your files should be there.

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    If you get a "permission denied", make sure you added your user to the vboxsf group. Now you have a local lightweight Linux environment that you can access over ssh!

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    On one occasion I powered off the VM while it was booting. When your laptop sleeps, you may find that your ssh connection to the VM is terimnated. Download Ubuntu Download the Ubuntu Server Setting up the Virtual Machine VM You can configure your virtual machine VM using the VirtualBox graphical program, but it's quicker to set it up from the command line.