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Seconds later, you have a partitioned drive. Furthermore, you can reset your partition map to guarantee percent use of drive space , delete volumes, or hide a specific volume.

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Initializing a drive takes seconds, and verifying, repairing, or rebuilding a volume takes only minutes. The Shred tool is time-consuming, however, as Drive Genius zeroes out or writes over, your old data three times—it claims to adhere to Department of Defense standards. It shredded data and empty space at a rate of between 0. We use industry standard clean bench technology if ever a drive must be opened and have special low level firmware and disk imaging tools including the Deepspar Disk Imager and the PC to ensure that when we access data it is safe and that we are not repeating work already done to get back your files.

We use sophisticated RAID systems to protect your data whilst we have it and prevent your privacy being compromised.

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We do keep your data for 14 days after a recovery is completed to protect against accidental loss before it is securely erased. We take in bare hard drives, or when used in conjunction with our other hard drive installation services we can replace your existing drive, get your machine back up and running - then follow up with a data recovery quote after. But most of the time we get calls when the Mac starts up giving a flashing question mark.

This means that the Mac cannot find a bootable system - commonly a sign of some kind of Hard Drive failure. Once booted up you need to open disk utility and see if the computer can recognise the hard drive. If the drive is greyed out or is named incorrectly it is a sign of corruption - which may be caused by a physical problem with the drive. If you are thinking about data recovery you need to think about what your data is worth to you, and to think about what is or what is not backed up.

Remember that you may have automatic services like "Dropbox" or "iCloud" with some of your data already safe. Providing a list of the files you need can sometimes save time and expense.

Below we hope to give you an idea of what may be involved in recovering your data as well as a guide to the usual cost brackets. Work out if you have backups of your important files, and what you don't the more information you can give us the better. Data recovery takes time, a GB drive has near a billion individual sectors of data - some of which contain your important data and some which don't.

The AHT can usually be found on one of your Mac's install dvds

The more specific information you can provide as to the directory structure of your drive and the location of your desired data the easier, faster and potentially cheaper the process will be - the more information we have the better the result and potentially the lower the cost. Let us know what you have tried, or what has happened to the drive. In circumstances of physical damage such as fire or water having prior knowledge of these facts can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful repair.


Each data recovery job is unique, and pricing depends on the complexity of the work, and the in most cases the volume of data or drive. Here at MacUpgrades we start by doing an evaluation of your drive. This pays for inspection of the drive by our trained data recovery experts to ascertain the level of damage and gauge the complexity of the repair. For the sake of providing example costs it is portable to put situations into approximately one of four categories.

Hardware recovery - invasive. This is the most expensive level of recovery.

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  • This is where the physical damage to the drive requires parts to be replaced. This could be the head assembly, a platter swap or hot swapping of controller boards. Before we ever open a drive we will attempt to recover any sectors that can be done before we open a drive as above. Opening a hard drive is done in clean bench conditions to minimise particulates to the drive and requires a high level of expertise.

    These sort of component swaps are not always successful and in some cases can render a drive unrecoverable - we will discuss these options with you if you fall into this category. When we need to swap out components in hard drives we need to match drives exactly, to within a few weeks of productions. Many elements need to be matched in order to find a donor. When you look at head replacements for example you may need several donor drives in order to get a complete recovery. In some instances your data may not be worth paying for data recovery, or you may not be able to afford the recovery.

    In these instances there are some things that you can try at home which may result in some data being recovered - all these software solutions have a high risk of damaging your drive further but they might help you.

    Disk Repair Mac External Hard Drive

    You will need another hard drive to move data to hopefully and to boot from. Check "Disk Utility" and see what information is displayed for the internal drive look out for a grey icon, or no sign of the drive at all. Contact us to discuss your specific situation - you can send us an email using the form below, or call us on Would you like to have us look at a drive for you?

    Or would you like more information about this service? You can give Apple a call and order a replacement disk set. You'll need your Mac's serial number; here's how to find it:. Once you have the serial number, you can call Apple support at APL-CARE or use the online support system to initiate a request for replacement media. They should be able to run the AHT for you, as well as help diagnose any issues you're having.

    Once you finish using the Apple Hardware Test, you can quit the test by clicking either the Restart or Shut Down button. The error codes generated by the Apple Hardware Test tend to be cryptic at best, and are meant for Apple service technicians. Many of the error codes have become well known, however, and the following list should be helpful:.

    Driver Genius Crack + Serial Key & License Code Latest

    Most of the above error codes indicate a failure of the related component and may require having a technician look at your Mac, to determine the cause and the cost for a repair. This can be helpful for some errors, including logic board and fan problems. You can perform additional troubleshooting for memory RAM , hard disk , and external disk problems.

    In the case of a drive, whether internal or external, you can try to repair it using Disk Utility which is included with OS X , or a third-party app, such as Drive Genius. If you still have memory issues, you may need to replace the RAM. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. From the Apple menu, select About This Mac. Shut down your Mac, if it's on.

    Creating a Mavericks Startup Disk with Drive Genius 3

    If you're testing a Mac portable, be sure to connect it to an AC power source. Do not run the test from the Mac's battery. Press the power button to start your Mac. Immediately hold down the D key. Be sure the D key is pressed before a gray screen appears. If the gray screen beats you to the punch, wait for your Mac to start up, then shut it down and repeat the process.

    Continue to hold the D key until you see a small icon of a Mac on your display.