Hdmi cable mac to tv troubleshooting

Cables and Adapters

Connecting a MacBook to a TV and getting a picture on the screen usually just requires the proper cables and adapters. In some cases, depending on the TV model, you may need to manually adjust the MacBook's video settings to get a proper picture on the TV. Once they are connected, you can close the MacBook while still viewing videos or pictures on the TV, provided you have an external mouse and keyboard connected. Examine the ports on the MacBook, or consult your user guide to determine what type of video cable you need.

MacBook video ports have a video icon beside them. DVI ports have a set of 24 square pins, with four square pins beside those.

How To Connect Mac To TV With Sound From TV

Examine the TV to see what type of video cable you need for it. Select a single cable if possible to connect the MacBook video-out port to the TV's video-in port.

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In most cases you need a cable that works with your TV as well as an adapter to connect the cable to your MacBook video-out port. Decide how you want to listen to sound while the MacBook is connected to the TV. Although the TVs HDMI port is designed to receive sound, sound may not be transmitted from the MacBook's video-out port, depending on the specific model you have.

How to Connect Your MacBook to a TV

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How to Connect a Macbook to a TV Using HDMI | TurboFuture

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It was working fine for so long with the same tv with no issue. Also I have my Amazon FireTv connected via hdmi with no issue.

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